Web-enabled Information Delivery and Analysis System
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Advantages and Features

Organisations are plagued more than ever with software solutions that are far too complex, inflexible and unreliable. Not only does this lead to unpredictable costs, it also exposes companies to staggering risks, which can dramatically damage business operations. These risks are often compounded by the proliferation of countless disjoint applications and databases, resulting from years of uncoordinated software development.

WIDAS has faced up to the challenge of simplicity, fast application development, integration, reliability and high performance with a completely new software paradigm: making software grow and evolve from simple components into advanced, reliable systems that provide value in short development time frames.

WIDAS, the Truly Integrated System

The new approach taken by WIDAS is based on a a set of lean and robust software components with which to build and dynamically evolve any type of application, whether commercial or scientific, simple or complex, large or small. WIDAS software components have clear business, scientific or service roles. They are also integrated with a sophisticated multidimensional database management system that is unmatched for speed and ensures fast and secure handling of large sets of data, as is typically required in data warehousing and data mining applications.

With WIDAS you can in fact share great volumes of information that may reside on mainframes and servers running a variety of different operating systems. This paradigm lends itself beautifully to rapid application development, which results in a radical cutback of coding and maintenance costs. Moreover the significant reduction of code volume and the elimination of numerous interfacing issues met within other development environments makes WIDAS applications particularly simple and stable.

WIDAS Integrated Data Warehousing Architecture

WIDAS is the result of a vast collaborative development effort involving the close participation of customers and users. Many of the valuable features of WIDAS were in fact suggested by our clients, making WIDAS into the functionally complete and performant system that it is today.

Besides reflecting the real-world needs of users, WIDAS has been built around strict criteria of software economy and leanness. WIDAS is now a highly integrated, Web-enabled, general purpose system that is simple to work with, has unmatched performance properties and lets you create and grow any information management, analysis and decision support system quickly and reliably.

WIDAS is particularly suited for implementing

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WIDAS Web Applications have Unique Performance Features

The technology of the World Wide Web is the ideal platform for interactive WIDAS applications. WIDAS in fact delivers automatically generated, performance optimised Web applications that efficiently handle sophisticated information processing tasks through any standard browser.

The Web operates for WIDAS as a client-server environment. Clients can be one of the standard browser programs, running on any platform of choice. The browser connects to a Web server via the Internet.