Web-enabled Information Delivery and Analysis System
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Main Applications

Knowledge Management InfoCodex. Recognition of content, classification of documents, organisation of the knowledgebase into its unique information map

Address Management: Maintenance of common address pools including address matching, grouping into personal and company addresses, selection of target groups

Planning, Analysis and Documentation of Experiments: Recording of experimental data or questionnaires, plausibility tests, data cleansing, statistical analysis, report generation and documentation

Shared Database Applications: Maintenance of structured database over the internet or the intranet (e.g. entry and update of product data for market places)

Data Mining: Analysis and structuring of large amounts of data, e.g. content management of e-mails, Word-documents, Internet-pages (InfoCodex)

By the way, WIDAS already has a proven track record for high operational reliability in a number of large, mission-critical applications in government and business.

WIDAS delivers fast, integrated solutions that you can depend on.