Web-enabled Information Delivery and Analysis System
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Kiosk AG, Book Distribution Department, Basel

Kiosk AG is Europe's largest press distributor. It acts as a wholesaler as well as a retailer to its own distribution network. The book distribution department of Kiosk AG delivers German, English, French and Italian publications to retailers.

The role of WIDAS

The entire book distribution service of Kiosk AG is managed with a WIDAS-based application system. Besides acting as a high-performance on-line transaction processing system for handling orders and invoices, WIDAS provides a decision support system for operational management.

Order Processing

On-line order entry system as well as electronic order processing handling 20'000 customers and over 100'000 different items. Invoicing with complex discounting procedures. Handling of subscriptions, reservations and backorders. Printing of shipping and mailing addresses.


Purchase orders are established on the basis market requirements or, in the case of new publications, on the basis of order forecasts. Electronic purchase orders can be transmitted via X.400.


Advanced inventory management according to the modern chaotic stock-keeping principles.

Returns and Credit Notes

Handles items returned by customers, stock adjustements and return shipments to suppliers.


Regularly produced reports of Sales Commissions, VAT, Inventory, Item tracking etc.

Decision Support

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Complete set of sales analyses, which constitute the decision framework for discount and commission policies and provide sales forecasts on which to base purchasing decisions. The decision support system is built on a large-scale multidimensional WIDAS database which contains aggregated commercial data.

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