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Swiss Brown Cattle Breeder's Federation, Zug (SBZV)

The SBZV is a non-profit-organisation for the promotion of the Swiss Brown Cattle Breed. It maintains extensive herd books for cows and bulls, continous milk performance tests and various cattle ratings to establish solid breeding values.

The role of WIDAS

SBZV Information System

The information system consists of large object-relational databases: herd books with detailed information on some 2'000'000 animals (cows, bulls, calves) including their history records; data on 7'000'000 lactation characteristics; results of 20'000'000 milk performance tests; information on farms, federation members etc.

The SBZV applications, involving extensive database access and mass selections, benefit from the efficient search functions and fast access methods of WIDAS

Data Entry and Validation

The SBZV is a high data volume environment. Data is collected on milk performance tests, laboratory analyses of milk and meat quality as well as animal ratings. On-line data entry implies exhaustive data validation and consistency checks necessitating a high-speed database access.

Customer Information Service and Certification

Farmers receive monthly reports of milk performance and body conformation data. Herd book certificates are produced, which are essential to the valuation of individual animals.

Decision Support System for Cattle Breeding

Organisation of test activities, order processing and accounting are supported by WIDAS applications.

Mobile Data Acquistion System (for "linear description and scoring" of cows)

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