Web-enabled Information Delivery and Analysis System
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bwv Consulting for Economy and Administration, St.Gallen

bwv provides highly qualified professional services to companies who wish to clean their address database, expand their markets, increase the targeting efficiency and enhance their competitive market position, including design and operation of marketing databases.

The role of WIDAS
  1. CHplus Database
    Large-scale database of qualified addresses linked to a variety of microgeographic market information. Data is stored in encrypted form for customer site installations.
  2. bwv Address Management Tools
    API modules generated with the WIDAS Application Builder, are made available for such tasks as formatting private and company addresses, performing phonetical and fuzzy queries and for optimised, high-speed data extraction.
  3. Maintenance of Customer Address Databases
    Postal address corrections. Updating of foreign address databases. Removal of multiple entries. Data enrichment.
  4. Partner Identification System for Data Warehouses
    Data integrator component that collects, cleans and transforms address data coming from disparate sources, identifies the partners (addresses) and builds households on the basis of the address data.
  5. Analysis of Market Information
    WIDAS-based applications and OLAP tools for the evaluation of market information supply essential foundations to bwv's consulting services.


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