Web-enabled Information Delivery and Analysis System
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Swiss Pig Performance Testing Station, Sempach (MLP)

The MLP is an official body charged with the following tasks in the domains of pig breeding and pork control in Switzerland:

The role of WIDAS

Information System for Pig Rating and Experimental Data

Data Entry with electronic forms (various multi-page forms). On-line acquisition of experimental results in the laboratory. Data validation and automatic integration of data into a central WIDAS database.

Data Evaluation and Certification

Reporting of results of the quality tests and ratings, according to official standards. Production of official quality certificates for performance and meat quality.

Data Analysis and Decision Support System

The accumulated data is used to answer questions arising in specific research projects and to support the advisory service of the MLP. Typically, researchers will select target groups from the WIDAS database for statistical analysis. Analyses are executed very efficiently using the integrated OLAP capabilities of WIDAS.

Administration (Commercial Functions)

Organisation of test activities, order processing and accounting are supported by WIDAS applications.

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