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Federal Research Station for Agricultural Economics and Engineering, Tšnikon TG (FAT)

The FAT operates as part of the Swiss Agricultural Research group, with a commitment to developing new and improved work process and engineering solutions for agriculture. A strong emphasis is placed as much on resource-saving production practices and technologies as on the financial management of farms. The aim of the FAT is to ensure the production prospects, profitability and competitiveness of Swiss agriculture in the years ahead.

The role of WIDAS

Assessment of Agricultural Machinery and Tractors

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The results of various test programs (pollution, power characteristics, efficiency) performed on agricultural machinery are recorded, validated and stored in a WIDAS database. The ensuing data analyses, graphics and reports form the basis for the regulatory approval of agricultural equipment and tractors in Switzerland.

Agricultural Construction Costs

This database contains a systematic collection of agricultural construction and equipment costs dating back to 1984. Data entry and validation is performed from multi-page forms. The WIDAS integrated architecture provides users with the ability to perform data aggregations, analyses and reports in a single software environment.

Hands-on Data Analysis and Evaluation by Scientists and Technicians


With the versatile WIDAS system, scientific personnel can very effectively extract large experimental result sets, perform Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and use integrated data visualisation and reporting tools on their own.

Literature Search System

WIDAS provides a comprehensive database of FAT reports and external agricultural publications. Intuitive query facilities and versatile search functions are important features of this system.

FAT Accounting

This WIDAS-based commercial database application is a full-featured, transaction-oriented accounting suite covering:
Multilingual, multi-currency Invoicing / Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable / Cost Center Accounting / VAT / Financial Reporting / Electronic Data Interchange with the federal administration, PTT and banks.

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