Web-enabled Information Delivery and Analysis System
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Swiss Federal Research Station for Animal Production, Posieux (RAP)

The research programs of RAP seek to improve livestock feeding (cattle, pigs, and sheep), to make best use of pasture systems and to enhance the quality of meat and milk.

The role of WIDAS

Experimental Data Management and Analysis System

Measurements and observations proceeding from a wide variety of variously structured experiments is managed in WIDAS databases, analysed with the OLAP facilities and visualised with the tools that are an integral part of the WIDAS environment.

Mathematical Modelling

The RAP has developed models that optimize the transformation of fodder into milk and meat or that investigate dietary influences on meat quality and milk composition. These models, which run as integrated applications in WIDAS, employ powerful mathematical methods such as non-linear regression and optimization techniques.

Hands-on Data Analysis and Evaluation by Scientists and Technicians

With the clearly structured WIDAS software technology, scientific personnel can very effectively handle experimental data, perform Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and use integrated data visualisation and reporting tools on their own, without the assistance of software specialists.

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