Web-enabled Information Delivery and Analysis System
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Swiss Federal Research Station for Plant Production, Changins (RAC)

The RAC research station aims to improve the yield, quality and health of plants while enhancing the ecology and safeguarding the substainability of farming systems. This effort implies the breeding of promising species and new varieties, research into integrated pest control as well as prevention and management of disease. RAC collaborates with FAL in the areas of field crops and plant breeding and with FAW in arboriculture, horticulture and viticulture.

The role of WIDAS

Planning, Analysis and Documentation of Experiments

The applications support the generation of long-term, multi-site field and laboratory experiments and the collection of data in relationally organised large databases. The applications make extensive use of the full integration of advanced statistical analysis and reporting tools.

The common WIDAS-based information backbone lets the sister research stations, RAC and FAL, share many years of experimental results collected at over 150 sites in Switzerland.

Computer Aided Plant Breeding System

WIDAS provides flexible data management and analysis tools that ideally support the manifold acitivities in plant breeding research being performed at the RAC in collaboration with the FAL.

Laboratory Data Acquistion Systems

The data collected by PC controlled data acquisition systems are transferred to the central WIDAS database in client/server mode.

Mobile Data Acquistion System

Hands-on Data Analysis by Scientists and Technicians

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With the clearly structured WIDAS system and its integrated analytical tools (mathematical statistics, graphics), scientific personnel can effictively handle the experimental data and explore the significance of the results.