Web-enabled Information Delivery and Analysis System
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ART Reckenholz ACW Changins ALP Posieux Swiss Federal Statistical Office bwv its GmbH Roche SBZV Kiosk AG MLP

A selection of unique solutions developed for target needs:

Agricultural Research

Swiss Federal Research Stations ART Reckenholz, ART Tänikon, ACW Changins, ACW Wädenswil, ALP Posieux

dsp-delley.ch (Plants and Seeds)

Address Management Axa Winterthur, Credit Suisse, Swiss Federal Social Insurance Office FSIO
Official Statistics Swiss Federal Statistical Office SFSO, bwv its GmbH (St. Gallen)
Pharmaceutical Industry Novartis, Roche
Knowledge Management InfoCodex Semantic Technologies AG
Commerce Kiosk AG
Food SBZV (Zug), MLP (Sempach)
Education Flying Teachers